Release Notes



  • New, more consistent colors for the UI.
  • Check your license information in the About dialog.
  • Tools can be collapsed.
  • Palettes have an option to see colors lightness.
  • Many internal improvements and corrections.



  • IRIX has got a new name: Hexee!



  • The User Interface has been improved in many ways (new colors, improved overall consistency...).
  • The application has a new icon!
  • Most of the UI can now be controlled with just the keyboard.
  • Added a screen color picker.
  • New color schemes or tools are now added at the top of their lists.
  • Many corrections and improvements.



  • New licensing policy: one-time purchase of single license.


  • Minor corrections and improvements.



  • The user interface has been completely redesigned.
  • New colors and palettes editor.
  • Export colors and palettes to various formats (text, file, image).
  • Import colors from various formats (text, file).
  • Reworked most of the tools. They can also be rearranged and duplicated.
  • New tools: Contrast Test & Data Visualization.
  • Light theme!
  • It is now possible to give names to colors, useful when exporting them.


  • NEW! Text Test tool.
  • NEW! Contrast Test tool.
  • NEW! Color Blindness Simulator tool.
  • NEW! Added color picker for tools source colors.
  • Added color spaces to Shades tool.
  • Palette colors can now be duplicated.
  • Tools chooser is now a floating dialog.
  • FIX: In some cases, a wrong palette was updated when reordering colors.
  • Aggressive code and performances optimizations.


  • Added release notes link to About screen
  • Show new version number and release notes link in New Version notification


  • NEW! Drag and drop colors between palettes and text fields.
  • Drop colors on palette editor to add it.
  • Drop colors on tools source color to change it.
  • NEW! Variations tool.
  • Click on tools title to collapse/expand it.
  • A preview of tools content is now shown when collapsed.
  • Tools collapsed state is now saved when closing the app.
  • Removed monochromatic variations from Shades/Tints tool (replaced by Variations tool).
  • New Mixer tool implementation.
  • Added Generate options to Random Palette tool.
  • New buttons tooltips implementation.


  • FIX: Number input stuck at value 1.
  • FIX: Long palette names are now truncated.


  • Check for new app version.
  • FIX: Setting invalid color in text input crashes the app.
  • FIX: It is not possible to change a palette color hex value.
  • FIX: Setting invalid values in number inputs crashes the app.


  • App style redesign!
  • New icons set.
  • New app icon.
  • Mix colors in LAB and HCL spaces.
  • Restore tools at app startup.
  • Convert colors to RGB and HSV triplets, improved variable names when exporting palettes.
  • Set palettes names.


  • First release!
  • Add, remove, duplicate palettes. Drag and drop to reorder them.
  • Palette editor with RGB and HSV sliders.
  • Convert color to: HSL, CMYK, CSS, SCSS, LESS, UIColor.
  • Export palettes to: HEX, CSS, SCSS, LESS, UIColor.
  • Tools: Harmonies, Shades/Tints, Mixer, Colors image, Random Palette.